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International DEB tele course

There is an intensive course on DEB theory once every two years, combining a tele part with a classroom part. The next one is planned to run in 2019. This course starts with a tele part that you do at home, in which you will read through the main chapters of Bas Kooijman's DEB book and discuss through an internet board. Practice teaches that this is a much better way to go through the book than reading it by yourself. The second part will be in classroom mode (with lectures, exercises, discussions) and linked to the international DEB symposium in 2019 in Brest, France. The course focusses on the standard DEB model and on the add-my-pet applications. More information about this course should become available early 2018.

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The TKTD summerschool deals with toxic effects on the energy budget using the DEBkiss simplification, and provides a more gentle introduction into DEB theory for animals. See also the lectures of Roger Nisbet on YouTube, first one over here.


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