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DEBtox information


Publication lists for DEBtox-related work

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Note that more information on the free e-books can be found over here. In this section, I include lists of publications, and references to books and book chapters. In these lists, I will collect references that deal with DEBtox, GUTS and DEBkiss, including models that are so closely related that they are of particular interest.

I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but if you miss a paper that should be on there, let me know (please include the DOI if you can). Inclusion of a paper in the lists does not mean an endorsement or a quality mark of any kind.

You might also be interested in the list of DEB papers, up to 2017, compiled by Bas Kooijman. Furthermore, there is a large list of DEB papers, sorted by topic, at the DEB portal., and a very extensive list of DEB-related papers at the Zotero DEB library.

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