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Use the sub-menu to navigate through the various categories. Here, you can find (links to) software to analyse your data, or for simulations. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out the website on Ecotoxicology and Models. The DEBtoxM and BYOM packages for Matlab are maintained by Tjalling Jager (DEBtox Research). If you find these packages useful, please consider paying for my e-books. That way, I can continue to allocate time to updating the packages. The 'other software' includes a short explanation and links to the GUTS R-package, the NETlogo DEB-IBM package, and DEBtool.

What if I have questions about the software?

Use e-mail to contact me with your questions. I will personally make sure that your questions regarding the DEBtoxM and BYOM implementations will be addressed (as I developed the Matlab code). For the other software, I cannot provide support, but I can draw the developer's attention to your question. None of this software is developed by professional software engineers, so be prepared to do some work, and don't expect a help desk (but it's totally free, so don't complain).

What happened to the DEBtox Windows software?

That software is no longer offered or maintained. The underlying equations for sub-lethal endpoints contained a few errors (see Jager & Zimmer, 2012 for a corrected set of equations), and it was programmed in such a way that it is almost impossible to update. The Matlab implementations as part of DEBtoxM and BYOM that you can find on this site are much more flexible, but of course, much less user-friendly.

Can't you do the analysis for me?

Being self-employed, I have to operate commercially, so I have little possibility to work for free. If it's a limited (or very interesting) analysis, and if time permits, I might help you for free. If it's more work, I have to be funded from somewhere (see DEBtox Research for my private company).

Why don't you have some nice user-friendly software for me?

Because we are not software engineers. The people that made these Matlab, Octave, R and NetLogo packages are scientists, who do not get paid to develop nice software for everybody to use (and probably also do not have the expertise for that). But, if you are a programming enthousiast, and you are willing to build something (that can be distributed for free, or used as a web-application) ... do not hesitate to contact me!


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