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DEBtox information

Software / GUTS software

User-friendly GUTS software

In 2018/2019, we will be developing a standalone and user-friendly software for GUTS. This activity is funded by Cefic-LRI, and more information about the project can be found here. The software will be aimed towards the application of GUTS in environmental risk assessment. The software will be able to calibrate the reduced GUTS models (SD and IT) without the user needing to supply starting values, and will produce confidence intervals on fitted parameters as well as model predictions (such as LCx,t and multiplication factors for exposure profiles).

The software will become available as a free download, and the source code will be open as well. We will keep you informed when more information is available.

For more advanced analyses, you will still have to use another platform, such as the package in BYOM. Also, on the other software page, you will find more GUTS implementations (including web-based and standalone versions).


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