BYOM package GUTS walkthrough

Step-by-step walk through the code of the GUTS package for the BYOM platform. This walk through is made with the 'publish' option in Matlab, which might also be very convenient to keep track of your work (as a modeller's log book).

The two example files in the main directory of this package are a good place to start. They use the reduced GUTS model (toxicokinetics and damage dynamics combined in a single one-compartment model), and only the two simplest cases (pure SD or pure IT). These examples apply the analytical solution to the model, which is very fast and allows you to try out the various options without very long waiting times. More complete GUTS models, including options for working with pulsed exposure, can be found in the directories 'reduced' and 'full'.

This walk through consists of the following files: