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International DEB course

There is an intensive course on DEB theory once every two years, combining a tele part with a classroom part. The next one is planned to run in early summer 2023 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stay tuned. See the website for the 2023 event here.

Since 2019, the 'tele-part' of the DEB course has been the DEB MOOC, hosted by IST. Link for the 2023 MOOC: The classroom part (with lectures, exercises, discussions) is linked to the international DEB symposium in 2023.

This is an advanced course aimed at training participants to apply DEB modelling to support their research and formulate their research questions. All applications of models come with the need to know parameter values so the course places due emphasis on extracting parameter values from real data. The course will focus on DEB theory in general, including ecotoxicological applications in animals. We still have some ways to go to complete the full program in. But in 2015 we had an ecotox "workshop" as a DEB in practice session and generally at least one lecture addresses ecotox aspects.

See here the upcoming events including the provisional school: For more information on previous runs, see the website for the 2021 event and the website for the 2019 event. Note that IST has two DEB MOOCS (debX and debX_micro) that run at different times and frequencies:

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The TKTD summerschool deals with toxic effects on the energy budget using the DEBkiss simplification, and provides a more gentle introduction into DEB theory for animals. More info can be found here.

See also the lectures of Roger Nisbet on YouTube, first one over here.


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