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Information about "Mechanistic modelling essentials"

This page contains information about the e-book entitled:"Mechanistic modelling essentials. Principles, mathematics and statistics for building and applying TK and TKTD models." This book is an amalgamation of the old 'refresher' for the Dynamic Modelling course, and various materials used in teaching at the VU university Amsterdam, where I used to work. It provides an entry-level text for people that want to embark on TK and/or TKTD modelling but lack the background in modelling, math and/or stats. This book can be read with a very limited background in these areas.

The first version of this book was made available on August 28, 2021, and was used in the 2021 run of the TKTD modelling course.
The book is offered through the Leanpub publishing framework. The book is not offered for free, but for a very friendly price. Leanpub offers a 60-day, no questions asked, refund if you're not satisfied with the book. If the price (or Leanpub) is an obstacle for you, feel free to contact me. The main part of what you pay for the book will go to me, which will help me to dedicate time to update and expand the book.

How do I refer to the book?

Please refer to the Leanpub page with the version of the PDF:

Where can I find software to do mechanistic-modelling analyses?

Matlab-based software packages are offered on the BYOM pages.

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