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Publications / List of books & chapters


This list contains books and book chapters that deal with DEBtox. The best book to read about DEBtox is of course the e-book that was specifically written to explain the DEBtox concepts in detail.

Requirements to be included

On this page, I will collect books. book chapters and official reports that deal with DEB applications in ecotoxicology.

Full list by year of publication

  • Kooijman SALM and Bedaux JJM (1996) The analysis of aquatic toxicity data. VU University Press, Amsterdam. abstract
  • Kooijman SALM (1997). Process-oriented descriptions of toxic effects. In G. Schüürmann and B. Markert, eds., Ecotoxicology., pp. 483-519. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag. abstract
  • Kooijman SALM, Bedaux JJM, Gerritsen AAM, Oldersma H and Hanstveit AO (1998) Dynamic versus static measures for ecotoxicity. In M. C. Newman and C. Strojan, eds., Risk Assessment: Logic and Measurement., pp. 187-224. Ann Arbor Press. abstract
  • Kooijman SALM and Bedaux JJM (2000). Dynamic effects of compounds on animal energetics and their population consequences. In J. E. Kammenga and R. Laskowski, eds., Demography in Ecotoxicology., pp. 27-41. Wiley. abstract
  • Kooijman SALM, Bedaux JJM, Péry ARR and Jager T (2006). Biology-based methods. In H. Magaud, ed., Current approaches in the statistical analysis of ecotoxicity data: A guidance to application., volume 54, TC 147/ SC 5/ WG 10/ N0390 of Series on Testing Assessment, chapter 7. ISO and OECD, Paris. abstract
  • Kooijman SALM, Baas J, Bontje D, Broerse M, Van Gestel CAM and Jager T (2009). Ecotoxicological applications of Dynamic Energy Budget theory. In J. Devillers, ed., Ecotoxicology Modeling, pp. 237-259. Springer, 2009. ISBN 978-1-4419-0196-5 abstract
  • Kooijman SALM (2010). Dynamic Energy Budget theory for metabolic organisation. 3rd edition. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521131919. abstract
  • Svendsen, C, T Jager, S Haddad, RSH Yang, JLCM Dorne, M Broerse and Kramarz P (2011). Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics. In: Van Gestel, CAM et al (Eds.). Mixture Toxicity. Linking approaches from ecological and human toxicology. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, US. abstract
  • Jager T (2012). Making sense of chemical stress. Applications of Dynamic Energy Budget theory in ecotoxicology and stress ecology. E-book, LeanPub (several updates have occurred since then)
  • Jager T (2014). DEBkiss. A simple framework for animal energy budgets. E-book, Leanpub (several updates have occurred since then)
  • Jager, T (2016). Chapter 3: Dynamic modelling for uptake and effects of chemicals. In: Blasco, J. et al. (Eds). Marine Ecotoxicology: current Knowledge and Future Issues. Academic Press, London, UK. Pages 71-98. More information.
  • Jager T and Ashauer R (2018). Modelling survival under chemical stress. A comprehensive guide to the GUTS framework. Version 1.0. Toxicodynamics Ltd., York, UK. Available from Leanpub: (update has occurred since then).
  • EFSA (2018). Scientific Opinion on the state of the art of Toxicokinetic/Toxicodynamic (TKTD) effect models for regulatory risk assessment of pesticides for aquatic organisms" EFSA journal 16(8): 5377. 
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